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Rockford Fosgate 18 Inch Subwoofer

This unit is equipped with an 1800 watt car amp, making it peerless for header and music, the Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer is moreover equipped with an invisible filter, making it clear and plot-like without any harshness. This Subwoofer is top for music listening from large spaces or for any music-loving individual who wants to hear the music in ways that don't require a separate audio system.

Rockford Fosgate 18 Inch Subwoofer Amazon

This Rockford Fosgate 18 inch Subwoofer is a powered amplified Subwoofer that is enclaved in a box, it is with the p300-10, an 10 watt powered amplified subwoofer. This Subwoofer is well-made with a strong construction that should last for many years, the Rockford Fosgate 18 inch Subwoofer is a top way for a shopper scouring for a powerful and reliable subwoofer. The Rockford Fosgate boat Subwoofer is a beneficial substitute for music lovers hunting for a large and versatile subwoofer, this Subwoofer imparts an 18 inch 4 ohm rating and is compatible with a wide range of music styles. With top-of-the-line sound and large size, the Rockford Fosgate boat Subwoofer is sterling for any music lover, it is a practical size for your music. With its 300 watts of power it can handle most any music demand, this 18 inch Subwoofer is an excellent way for a single loaded Subwoofer because it gives a high end look and feel. It is manufactured of durable materials and grants a well- distributed sound, this Subwoofer is top-grade for music listening or for any application that requires a large capacity.