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Porsche 996 18 Inch Wheels

Looking for a quality Porsche sport design bbs boxster cayman 996 911? Don't look anywhere than our 18 inch wheels! These Wheels are first-class length and width for your Porsche sport design bbs boxster cayman 996 911, we offer factory Wheels and rims, so you can be sure you're getting a product made by a team of experts in mrc.

Porsche 996 18 Inch Wheels Amazon

The original Porsche 18 inch 996 rims gt3 gt3 rs rs 99636213605 99636214204 black, they're a first-class value, and top-rated for admirers who covet to need a tight turning environment. They're made with italian materials, and are stiff enough to keep your foot on the ground, these Wheels are must-have for any 996 car. They come with top-of-the-heap mags and race tires, making them valuable for any race setting, the Porsche 9963 Wheels are enticing addition to your car. They are made with Porsche 99692 oem quality Wheels and measure 18 inches in circumference, they have an 5-spoke design and are made from tough, durable rubber. The Wheels are available in dark green or black, and are compliments of the car, these wheel are in outstanding condition and are must have for any Porsche owner who wants to copy the big boys like no one's business is ever done. The wheel size is 11 x18 and the wheelbase is 18 inches, these Wheels are made of durable materials and have a sweet design that looks first-class and ford excellent performance.