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Neodymium Speakers 18 Inch

The Neodymium Speakers are best-in-class for all your audio needs, with an 6. 5 ear hardness, these Speakers are fully adjustable to your needs, these Speakers come with an 6 month warranty.

Neodymium Speakers 18 Inch Amazon

The Neodymium Speakers are fantastic for suitors who yearn to get the best sound quality from their speakers, these Speakers are 18 inches in size and are capable of wattages of 400 watts. The Neodymium drivers are of 6, 5 inches in size and are out with an 400 watts per speaker capability. These Speakers are uncomplicated to operate with just a remote control, the Speakers also have a rubberized end cap that facilitates movement. The Neodymium Speakers are 18 inches wide and 5, 25 inches tall. They are made of black Neodymium materials and have an 400 watt max power, they are peerless for any music listening needs. With an 18 inch wavelength, these Speakers are designed for an individual who wants to have unrivaled sound quality in the home or on the go, with 400 watts of power, these Speakers can handle any music performance. The eminence nsw-4018-8 Neodymium Speakers are valuable substitute for music lovers who are scouring for a high-quality, 18 inch Neodymium tour-grade subwoofer, these Speakers have been designed with a high degree of precision and quality in mind, making them a terrific substitute for a person who wants to listen to their music with ease. With a performance that is subject to no pressure, these Speakers will let you know, with their high quality and stable performance.