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Mk4 Golf 18 Inch Wheels

If you're looking for aeturn your volkswagen beetle golf 18 inch wheels into a strong and stable option, we've got your solution! 2x 1inch 25mm wheels for the volkswagen beetle golf make it a no-brainer. 5x 100bolt golf spacer brings your golf to life.

Mk4 Jetta 18 Inch Wheels

The 18 inch wheels on the mk4 jetta are a great addition to the car. They provide a great level of comfort and performance when driving. They are sure to keep you safe on the road.

Vw Golf Mk4 18 Inch Wheels

This is a great flare kit for the volkswagen golf mk4 mk5. It features wide body kit wheels and arches, making it perfect for competition or off-road use. The kit also includes fender's own designed hubcaps, making sure your volkswagen golf is looking and feelingfolky. this is a 2x1inch 25mm spacer for the volkswagen beetle golf jetta mk4 1999. It is used to help fit a new 18 inch wheels to the car. It is made from a combination of 18inch. Org alere materials and brass. It is then englishstranded with a 18inch. Org price of $ 26. this is a 2x1inch 25mm wheel spacer for the volkswagen beetle golfjetta mk4 1999. It is included in the package as part of the wheels & spares package. It is a great add-on for anyone looking to improve their golf game. the mk4 golf 18 inch wheels are perfect for. They have a centerlock hex nuts center cap 18 inch vw golf mk4 jubil. They are perfect for using as part of a centerlock hex nut center cap 18 inch vw golf mk4 jubil.