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Kratos 18 Inch

Is an 18 inch tall, action figure god of war figure, he is based on the popular Kratos character from the greek civil war epic, "god of war. " this Kratos figure is a top grade addition to collection.

Kratos 18 Inch Amazon

This is an 18 inch tall Kratos statue that is only filled with fedora parts, it renders a single axe part on it and is fodder part piece. This 18 inch Kratos action figure statue is collectible and in top-of-the-line condition, this product Kratos 2 nd of all the god of war statues. This beautiful statue is 14 inches high with first-rate features and is decorated with top art, the statue also features excellent gold paint and practical black paint. This product is unique and is collectible, Kratos 18 inch action figure is brand new and is from he is 18 inches tall and is manufactured out of plastic. He grants a large face and tight movements, this action figure is good for any action figure enthusiast. This 18" inch Kratos pvc action figure is a must-have for any god of war fans" collection, he is atub-conditioned physical product and will be in your home or office. This 18" inch figure is unrivalled for any god of war fans! ".