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Ford Explorer 18 Inch Rims

Our ford explorer 18 inches rims are the perfect width and height for anyone who wants to do some serious driving. They are made of durable material that will never corrode or tarnish, making them ideal for any vehicle. They are also silver in color, making them perfect for any ford explorer.

Wheel Rim Ford Explorer 2020-2021 Oem Genuine Silver #10266
Ford Explorer 2016-2019 Oem Factory Original Alloy Wheel Rim 10059
Alloy Wheel Rim 10266


By Ford Motor Co, Motorcraft


18 Inch Rims For Ford Explorer

There are many different types of wheels and sizes for your ford explorer, but the size that is best for you is the size that is comfortable for you. The size that is comfortable for you is the size that is on the explorer that you are using. The size that is comfortable for you is the size that is on the explorer that you will be using.

Ford Explorer 18 Inch Wheels

Looking for a quality car that can handle? look no further than the ford explorer 18 inch wheels. These wheels are sure to make your car feel more like the real deal. With a black finish and high-quality materials, the ford explorer 18 inch wheels are sure to offer you a level of quality you can be proud of. our wheels are a 4-shift h33 spring 18x8 5x4. 5 35mm gloss black wheels rims 18 inch. They will help your ford explorer pull hard and move quickly. the 18 inch ford explorer rim's are sure to turn any vehicle into a complete other. With its sleek black style, it's hard to not want to give your car and driver a fresh new look. Our rim's are sure to give your car the look and feel you need, without taking up any space on your driveway. this is a great set of oem silvershire wheels for your ford explorer. They are a great fit and will make your car look good on the road.