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Civic Type R 18 Inch Wheels

The new 18 inch honda civic type r limited edition grey wheel is perfect for your car. It's a great addition to any car and will add a touch of luxury to your scene. This grey wheel is made with crv crz accord series wheels and has a 18 inch length. It is perfect for anyone looking for a unique car experience. The black finish is perfect for any car interior. Whether you're looking for a black finish for your car or just abito to add some luxury to your scene, the black finish is perfect for you.

Gloss Black Rims Fits Honda Civic Type R 2017 - 2020

4 HP2 18 inch Gloss

By GWG Wheels


Black Red Stripe


By Unbranded


7.5j +60 5h  No Tires

JDM FD2 Civic Type R

By N/A



4x 5X4.5 TO 5X4.25 Wheel

By Spacer Experts


Put Chevy Silverado Wheels On Toyota Honda

5x4.5 To 6x5.5 Wheel Adapters

By Spacer Experts


Black Mill Rims Fits Honda Civic Type R 2017 - 2018

4 G38 18 inch Black

By GWG Wheels


Black Red Rims Fits Honda Civic Type R 2017 - 2018

4 G43 18 inch Black

By GWG Wheels


Hubcentric Wheel Spacers 5x114.3 64.1mm Fits Honda Acura


By Customadeonly


Fits Civic Typer

4pc Black HubCentric Wheel Spacers

By Customadeonly


Aluminum Wheel Rims For 2001-2005 Honda Civic Type R 18x8 5 Lug

Set Of 2 18 Inch

By Road Ready


4-Revolution Racing R14 18x8 5x120 +40mm Satin Black Wheels Rims 18

4-Revolution Racing R14 18x8 5x120

By Revolution Racing


Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Grey Wheel Fk8r Crv Crz Accord

New 18 inch Honda Civic

By King of Rims


Cheap Civic Type R 18 Inch Wheels

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Civic Type R 18 Inch Wheels Walmart

The civic type r wheels are a perfect upgrade for your car. They are available in 2022 honda civic type r oem alloy wheel 20 inch black red stripe. these wheels are a 18" wheel that is made out of black machined materials and they fit the 2022 honda civic type r. The wheel has 619 hexagon-shaped rims that are perfect for a modern look for your car. these civic type r 18 inch wheels are the perfect choice for your car. They are made of aluminum and have slots for the numbers and addresses you need. The wheels are easy to keep clean and are good for long trips. the 4-verde v18 verve 18x8. 5 5x120 38mm blacktint wheels rims 18 inch is a great choice for a high-quality wheelset. These wheels are made of 6-ply white enamel and are 18x8. They are made of 5x120 100mm rubber and are blacktinted. These wheels have leg ops of 38mm and are made of blacktinteduminum.