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C4 Corvette 18 Inch Wheels

Looking for a beautiful wheel for your c4 corvette? look no further than our 17 18 inch chrome 5123 5124 rums set fit c4 c5 corvette camaro c5 z06 style. These wheels are a great option for those who have a c4 corvette that is larger in size. The high quality and beautiful shades of green make these wheels a perfect choice for your car.

Best C4 Corvette 18 Inch Wheels

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C4 Corvette 18 Inch Wheels Amazon

This is a great set of wheels for your c4 corvette. They are 18 inches in size and are made of black 5633 wheels with a teflon coating. They are fit for a c4 corvette that has a c7 stingray style drivetrain. The set includes 20 wheels, a hub, and drivetelet. the c4 corvette 18 inch chrome 5402 rims are the perfect fit for your car. With blackmetallic wheel look you can pick out the c4 corvette among the competition. The tires are a set fit which means they are dems fit for your c4 corvette. The wheel is trump in color, that is 18 inch chrome 5402. looking for a car that has 18 inch wheels? check out our c4 corvette - c7 z06 rim wheels! These wheels are perfect for your car, and will allow you to outrun everyone on the street. These 17 inch satin black 5635 wheels are perfect for a c4 corvette. They are a great fit for your car and will help you stay on the road.