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5x150 18 Inch Wheels

Looking for awheel and wheel set for your toyota tundra truck? Search no more than 5 x150 xd series monster wheels, these Wheels are first-rate size for your truck and provide you with 18 inches of fun.

5 On 150    Silver  Steel  Wheel  Rim  Fits  Sequoia  Tundra  74596nt

18 Inch 5 on 150

By Wheels Express


5x5.5 5x150 5x139.7 Wheels Rims RT800 Black Milled 110.5mm Set of 4 20 x 10 Inch

5x5.5 5x150 5x139.7 Wheels Rims

By Rugged TUFF


Fuel D723 Militia 20x10 5x5.5
4-Fuel D576 Assault 20x10 5x5.5
4-Fuel D681 Rebel 5 20x10 5x150 -18mm Bronze Wheels Rims 20

4-Fuel D681 Rebel 5 20x10

By Fuel Off-Road




By Toyota


Fuel D569 Vapor 18x9 5x5.5

Fuel D569 Vapor 18x9 5x5.5"/5x150

By Fuel Off-Road


4-Vision 350 Ojos 18x9 5x150 +12mm Satin Black Wheels Rims 18
4-XD Series XD847 Outbreak 18x9 5x150 +0mm Black/Tint Wheels Rims 18
4-Fuel D616 Contra 20x10 5x5.5
4-Fuel D704 Siege 22x10 5x150 -18mm Black/Tint Wheels Rims 22

4-Fuel D704 Siege 22x10 5x150

By Fuel Off-Road



4 New 18X9 25 5X150

By DX4 Wheels


5 Lug  Steel Wheel Rim  Fits  Sequoia  Land Cruiser  Tundra   74596 Blk

18 Inch 5 Lug Steel

By Wheels Expesss Inc.


Ion 134 18x9 5x150 +0mm Matte Black Wheel Rim 18
4-Fuel D753 Reaction 18x9 5x5.5
4-Black Rhino Arches 18x9.5 5x150 +12mm Gunmetal Wheels Rims 18

4-Black Rhino Arches 18x9.5 5x150

By Black Rhino


Raceline 947B Scout 20x9 5x150 +18mm Satin Black Wheel Rim 20
Gear 761C Ratio 20x9 5x5.5

Gear 761C Ratio 20x9 5x5.5"/5x150

By Gear Off Road


Best 5x150 18 Inch Wheels

This 18 inch wheel is an 22 in type that is manufactured for the twitch 22 in engine, it gives an 10 in long at 5. 55 in, the rim is produced with wheel rim material. It is then topped off to 150 mm with an 20 in post on the post itself, the result is a clear and concise signal on the twitch. The Wheels are beautiful gloss black with an 18 inch wheel size, the wheel size peerless for an 4-moto metal 18 x10 5 x5. 55 x150 -24 mm frame, the Wheels are strong and hold the heat well. The Wheels are also made to be used on wide stones and get the most out of the ride, these Wheels are unequaled for a comfortable journey in all weather. The treads are set up so that you can trust the vehicle feels stable in all conditions, this wheelset is designed for the 20 inch wheelbase car. It features an 18 inch wheelbase wheel with 9 44 b outlander black leather seats in black leather, the wheel is upgraded with 150 giving the car a carrying capacity of 18 kg. The x150 Wheels are designed to be comfortable and stylish, with a black paint job and black leather seats.