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18 Inch Wire Wreath Form

Mtb Wire Wreath frame 18 inch green pack of 10 Wreath Form 18 inch pack of 10, looking for a stylish and functional Wreath form? Look no further than the 18 inch Wire Wreath Form from mtb. This Form is puissant for either home or office improvement, plus, its small size is prime for busy lives. So why not give it a try today.

Cheap 18 Inch Wire Wreath Form

This 18 inch Wire Wreath frame is a first rate alternative to add a little bit of personality to your home or office, the frame is fabricated of high-quality metal and it comes in a pack of 10. The frame is sharp and look great, it is further facile to keep clean. This is an 18 inch metal Wire Wreath form, the circle rings and candy cane 3 d orb globe are featured in a heart-shaped frame. The product offers an 3-dimensionalorb globe and is manufactured of metal, this 18 inch Wire Wreath Form is a peerless addition to your home decor. It's a round metal ring Wreath Form with a green pack of blue and black visual elements and a ht- logo on the top, the Form presents a strong, but durable construction that can handle many uses. The top of the Form presents a blue and black visual element and a green pack of while the lower part gives a blue and black visual element and a green pack of 3, this Wreath Form is an outstanding way for a modern home decor. The frame is produced from an 18-inch wide piece of wire, and the Wreath is then form-banked up to the edge of the frame, you can add any number of colorful macrame flowers to the wreath, and the result is a beautiful, eco-friendly craft.