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18 Inch Vinyl Tile Cutter

The roberts Vinyl luxury Tile Cutter is a light weight tool that allows you to cut Vinyl flooring with ease, the Cutter adjusts its blade to suit any size or style of floor, ensuring that you can create a top-rated cut for your application. With an adjustable blade, this tool is splendid for an admirer who wants an uncomplicated and quick cut.

Best 18 Inch Vinyl Tile Cutter

This 18 inch Vinyl Tile Cutter is top-grade for cutting tiles or papers, it is slightly lightweight and adjustable so that it can be used in any position. The cutters safety blade is manufactured of durable plastic and the final product will be a beautiful Vinyl luxury tile, this 13 Vinyl plank Cutter is unrivalled for cutters who need to create a hardwood flooring with the roberts Vinyl luxury Tile Cutter is a lightweight tool that adjusts the blade to get a top cut for your home. This Tile Cutter is again adjustable to 18 in inches, with a soft-grip blade and a durable construction, this tool is for someone to use. The blade adjusts to an 18 in inch adjustability which makes it outstanding for any job, the overall lightweight also makes it top-of-the-line for smaller jobs or.