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18 Inch Heavy Duty Lazy Susan

This is a heavy-duty Lazy Susan rotating turntable, it offers an 18-inch track size and a heavy-gauge metal construction. It comes with a belt sash and a built-in belt, it can be customized to suit your needs. The Lazy Susan rotating turntable is superb for dolly-borne or track-borne applications.

18 Inch Heavy Duty Lazy Susan Ebay

This 18-inch heavy-duty Lazy Susan is manufactured of aluminum and rotated by a metal-eating belt, the from an ancient piece of metal, it's made to capacity. The Lazy Susan can hold up to 450 this 18 inch Heavy Duty Lazy Susan is a peerless substitute for a table that you need to keep your space tidy, the heavy-duty construction means that you can rely on this table to last for a long time. The value for your money is sure to show, the Lazy Susan is an 18 inch aluminum bearing metal rotating turntable. It is an unequaled surrogate for museums, museums and more, this turntable can handle any type of music as long as it is loud. The is likewise gentle on your pocket book due to its low price, the Lazy Susan is a metal rotating turntable bearing metal that is 18 inches in diameter. It is produced of aluminum and renders a capacity of 450 meters, the Lazy susans are designed to tailor inside this turntable.