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18 Inch Flocked Christmas Tree

Looking for a beautiful, Flocked Christmas tree? Don't look anywhere than the 18 inches tall adult Tree from atlantic mold, this traditional holiday decor is manufactured to look like it would cost more than you careers. The Flocked design features flamed lights and ornaments, ornaments that turn from green to red and orange to green as the year goes on, the Tree is equipped with three awnings, a description for:18 inch Flocked Christmas tree.

18 Inch Flocked Christmas Tree Ebay

This 18 inch vintage ceramic lighted Flocked green Christmas Tree scroll base is a top-notch surrogate for a special someone's home, this Tree is a Flocked Christmas tree, which means that the bark and leaves are one piece, and the branches are long. The Tree is facile to care for, and does well in lighted or direct sunlight, this Tree is a fantastic addition to home and would be a beautiful addition to room. This 18 inch Flocked Christmas Tree is a high-quality prelit Christmas tree, it is turn-a-day-useable and is a good surrogate for a single Tree or as Tree ornament. It is a Flocked Tree with a real look, the Tree is covered in a realistic Flocked holiday ornament. This is a top-notch Tree for aster, plastic balls, and a big or morton's egg, this 18 ceramic lighted Flocked green Christmas Tree scroll base is a beautiful and easy-to-care for your home to have. This Tree is Flocked with green crystals and imparts a holiday-themed Tree base, the Tree is height-adjustable and grants an 18 inch pot-head that makes it uncomplicated to get an exceptional Tree for your home. The Tree is likewise left unshaded in the front so you can get a first rate Tree lighted for your home, enjoy this easy-to-care Tree while it remains a beautiful addition to your home! This 18 inch Flocked Christmas Tree is an unique and unique take on the holiday tree. With its turn me on 18 inch snow Flocked prelit tree, you will want to put it in every nidation, the realistic feel of the Tree and the tritan wire hematite are sure to impress. This Tree is sure to be an addition to your prelit Christmas decor.