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18 Inch Extended Length Shocks

Looking for a supplemental support for your 07-18 jeep wrangler jk? Look no further than the 18 inch Extended Length shocks! These Shocks provide a two-front and two-rear shock system to help keep your jeep secure, even in high-grip terrain, feature an Extended Length of travel for added stability while you're driving; these Shocks also come with a full lift kit to improve accuracy use. Choose between the either the 2 front, 2 rear Shocks or the 2 inch Shocks for a better experience in your jeep.

Top 10 18 Inch Extended Length Shocks

This 18 inch Extended Length Shocks kit is designed to help improve ride quality and reduce responsiveness in the wrangler jk front and rear suspensions, it includes two leveling lift kits to help stiffness and rebound management, and is supplier nixon's design. The kit is black anodized silver and comes with an Extended shock failure period, looking for a leveling lift for your 07-18 wrangler? Look no further than the silver 2 front rear leveling lift kit. This kit includes shocks, fork, levelers, and an 1931 newspapers manx saddle, the kit allows you to level your fork and level your rear Shocks within the leveling range within the vehicle. Not only does the leveling lift help to reduce spook, it also helps to reduce stress on the wheel, it comes with two front Shocks and two rear Shocks with an it includes 2 levels of lifting capacity to help extend the shock extender's life span and ensure future performance.