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18 Inch Black Widow Subwoofer

This 18 inch Black Widow Subwoofer is an enticing replacement for your previous speakers, these speakers were old and had bad sound quality. You'll enjoy the new design and performance of this subwoofer.

18 Inch Black Widow Subwoofer Amazon

This is a new 18 Subwoofer bass 18 inch, org replacement speakers. 8 ohm, 18 inch subwoofer. Perfect for a quality listening experience, keep your music listening experience high quality with this excellent product. This 4 pack of speakers from 18 inches Black Widow is a top-of-the-line value for your music, they come in runs of two or four, or in a two-pack. The speakers are brand new and have been used rarely, they are sensational addition to your music needs. This 18 inch Black Widow Subwoofer is a terrific replacement for your previous package, this speaker is 8 ohms and renders a new design that makes it simpler to attached and remove. This Subwoofer is splendid for your music needs and can handle power up to 18 db, the peavey Black Widow 1801-8 lt 8 ohm is a beautiful 18 inch Subwoofer speaker that is splendid for music and movies. It is manufactured with a durable materials that will last for years, this speaker is fantastic for suitors who crave to buy a high-quality subwoofer.